Friday, July 18, 2014

Two weeks ago Susan went missing

Susan Bachman went missing two weeks ago, at about 8:30 a.m. on July 4. We haven't heard from her since, there have been no sightings, and yes, the family is worried for her safety.

Could you find out the contact info for a homeless shelter in your area, and ask them to post this flyer at their shelter?  Susan may have had a few dollars on her, but no ATM card, no credit card, no driver's license.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thank you, Lamar Advertising

We are deeply appreciate to Lamar, the outdoor advertising company. Lamar has donated space on some of its digital bilboards in the Pittsburgh market and will be running this Public Service Announcement for Susan Bachman in the coming days.

We would be grateful if you could print one of the flyers and post it in your local community.  That would help us spread the word and raise awareness.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Addressing envelopes to churches in Pittsburgh

Today Susan's parents, Bill and Nancy, worked on addressing envelopes to 100 churches in the Pittsburgh area. They sent each of the churches 5 of the missing flyers with a request that the congregation post the flyers in the surrounding community.

Thank you to Sheetz!

The family of Susan Bachman would like to thank the employees of Sheetz, a chain of convenience stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. Sheetz has generously agreed to post the flyer for Susan in all of their Pennsylvania locations.  We are grateful for their help in getting the word out.

Are you connected to any organizations that could help us distribute the flyer? If so, please email us at, or communicate with us via the Facebook page Find Susan Bachman.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outreach effort to churches in Pittsburgh begins today

Today the family of Susan Bachman has begun an outreach effort to churches in Pittsburgh.  We are not 100% positive that she is in Pittsburgh, of course, but we think that is her most likely location, based on the fact that she knew a couple people in Pittsburgh and the canine search and rescue team effort indicated that was her direction of travel.

We found a useful list with the mailing address of about 300 of the churches in Pittsburgh, and we will be mailing each church 5 of the missing flyers with a request that members of the congregation post these flyers in the local community.

Our hope now rests on continuing to raise awareness, with the goal that someone who sees Susan will have seen the poster, and that person will contact the PA State Police.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Maps of the path Susan Bachman is believed to have taken

On July 12-13, the family of Susan Bachman engaged Sarah Platts, Director of VK9SAR. The team of Sarah Platts and her trailing dog Sam was able to trail Susan's path from her last known location, the barn where she dropped her cellphone and wallet, to Rte 28 Southbound, heading towards Pittsburgh.

It is believed Susan hitched a ride on 322 westbound in Brookville, and that the vehicle turned south on Rte 994 and then south on Rte 28.

The search effort was stopped in Kittanning, where Rte 28 becomes a divided highway and it was not safe to proceed with canine search efforts.

The family requests that individuals along Rte 28 and in the Pittsburgh area in particular post the Missing Poster in gas stations and other public locations.

Anyone with a possible sighting of Susan Bachman is requested to contact the PA State Police at 814-371-4652.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Centre Daily Times post on the case of Susan Bachman

JJ in Philadelphia, who blogs at the Centre Daily Times, had a post today [behind paywall] about the case of Susan Bachman.  Thanks to JJ for following the story, and for providing us several useful suggestions.

You can join the Facebook group Find Susan Bachman to follow the latest developments.