Fake Steroids Side Effects

Steroids abuse is a common practice in both amateurs and professional athletes and bodybuilders. Pharmaceutical anabolic steroids are already dangerous when abused, the more dangerous it would be for a person to use fake or counterfeit drugs being sold in the black market. Due to their unknown ingredients and additives and the laboratory conditions they were prepared, the risk will be too high for you to gamble on.

Fake steroids are cheaply and quickly made and mostly produced in non-sterile environments which put them at a high risk for contamination. Some substances are added to cut steroids such as vegetable oil that is very dangerous when injected into the body. Most illegal steroids were originally created for animal use and have lower quality than those steroids specifically designed for humans.

Here are fake steroids side effects that can have serious and long-term results:

  • Kidney disease;
  • Cancer;
  • Liver disease
  • Weakened cardiovascular system that can lead to coronary heart disease or heart attack;
  • Withdrawal depression that makes a person has suicidal thoughts.

How to spot fake steroids?

Anabolic steroid manufacturers like Crazy Bulk have taken extra measures to reduce the incidence of their products to be counterfeited. They are now using unique color gradients for their products, packed them in specially made bottles, or used holograms on their bottles and boxes. If you are planning to buy Trenorol anabolic steroids from a certain manufacturer, best you check their websites first before you make a purchase.

Here are things to look for to differentiate the genuine product from the counterfeit:

Check the label. Real manufacturers use sticker-like labels that were glued evenly and stick very well on the bottle. If you can pull off the label in one piece, it is highly likely that the product is a fake.

Inspect the lot and expiration date. All pharmaceutical companies have their labels and product boxes printed in large quantities and package their bottles in small runs or lots.

Each lot of the product has its own particular ID number and expiration date stamped on it. You can check the product’s website for the list of the valid lot and expiration dates.